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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA03FT WMKK ZSPD Nathan Deetlefs A332 ZS-SXZ 5.15 Hrs
SAA4AFT ZSPD ZUUU Francois Pretorius A320 ZS-SZC 3.1 Hrs
SAA05FT OBBI LEBL Chris Holmes A332 ZS-SXZ 6.55 Hrs
SAA01FT FAOR YMML Deon Schlebusch A332 ZS-SXZ 12 Hrs
MNO337 FALE FACT Rory Hickson B738 ZS-SJR 2.3 Hrs
SAA03FT WMKK ZSPD Ian Harrison A332 ZS-SXZ 5.15 Hrs
SAA7562 EDDC EDDM Dieter Magnet ERJ-190 D-AECB 1 Hrs
SAA7563 EDDM EDDC Dieter Magnet ERJ-190 D-AECB 0.9 Hrs
SAA535B FAOR FALE Phakamisani Thoko A320 ZS-SZZ 1.2 Hrs
SAA1BFT FSIA VRMM Wesley Littleford A320 ZS-SZC 3.3 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA7424 KIAD KLAS Don Dormehl A320 N404UA 4.53.01 Hrs
SAA04FT ZSPD OBBI Chris Holmes A332 ZS-SXZ 8.51.23 Hrs
SAA2237 OJAI OMAA Ian Carine A320 A6-EIA 2.54.46 Hrs
SAA3AFT WMKK ZSPD Francois Pretorius A320 ZS-SZC 5.23.05 Hrs
LNK8622A FAGG FACT Luhandre Joubert RJ85 ZS-TCP 1.06.02 Hrs
SAA7540 EDDG EDDM Dieter Magnet CRJ-900 D-ACKC 1.06.40 Hrs
SAA02FT YMML WMKK Ian Harrison A332 ZS-SXZ 7.38.05 Hrs
SAA555B FAOR FALE Emanuel Mdluli B738 ZS-SJB 2.12.05 Hrs
SAX1202 FARB FAOR Alex Ni DH8D ZS-YBP 1.53.11 Hrs
SAA3AFT WMKK ZSPD Francois Pretorius A320 ZS-SZC 5.15.50 Hrs


SAA and Mango schedules have been updated. Also updated is the addition of several new Etihad codeshares.

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Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 90
Total Flights: 12369
Flights SAA: 8108
Flights SA Express: 1032
Flights Airlink: 988
Flights Mango: 168
Flights Kulula: 288
Flights SAA Cargo: 169
Flights Historic: 197
Flights 1Time: 111
Total Flights Today: 2
Total Hours: 43777.58
Total PAX Carried: 3536121
Total Miles Flown: 17087562
Total Aircraft: 364
Schedules SAA: 1610
Schedules SA Express: 202
Schedules Airlink: 220
Schedules Mango: 243
Schedules Kulula: 120
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 139
Total News Items: 11

Airline Notams

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Aircraft Substitutions
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